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How Do You Know Your Heart is Healthy?

How Do You Know Your Heart is Healthy?

If there was a simple test available for you to see how healthy your heart really is, would you take advantage of it?

Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death and disability in both men and women despite recent improvements in disease management.

The PULS Cardiac Test is a blood test that identifies people who are seemingly healthy, but who have a high risk of Heart Disease.

How is the test different from other tests for Heart Disease?

  • Detects arterial/endothelial damage that leads to the formation of cardiac lesions
  • Analyzes disease stage and risk factors contributing to disease progression
  • Predicts the likelihood a cardiac event could occur in the next 5 years.

Most often there are no signs or symptoms of a Heart Attack before one occurs and 50% of Heart Attack victims have normal cholesterol. The PULS Cardiac Test will provide you with your Cardiac Profile, Expected cardiac Score of someone of your same age and gender, and your Heart Age of the average person the same age as you.

Since Heart Disease is 80% preventable, why not take action to see where your Heart stands?